Portal Origins, part 2 (OST and Score)

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The Story

‘Portal: Origins’ is a live-action, fan made crossover short film series combining the video game universes of ‘Portal’ (Valve) and ‘Dishonored’ (Bethesda/Arkane Studios). Following the story of Piero Joplin through a project entitled "The Door to nowhere" and the creation of the first portal device, [part 2] continues the saga as Piero finds himself pulled into the dark history of Aperture Science. 

Following the death of his test subject, Christopher, Piero Joplin relocates to the mid-west Americas to continue his work in peace. Still haunted by the past and the presence of the being known as The Outsider, Piero puts himself in cryogenic sleep, only to be awoken in the facilities of Aperture science almost a half century later. 

In an unfamiliar place and instructed to continue his work on portal technology by the mysterious Cave Johnson, Piero discovers that the dark side of his work barely compared to the dark corners of Aperture Science and how far Cave will go to get what he wants.

Trailer (Official)