The Story

Before Chell, before GLaDOS, before Aperture, there was the Door to Nowhere 

"Portal" (Valve) has become one of the most popular games of this generation, and with that, it has gained an enormous following, some claiming to know everything about this Portal universe. But what if everything about Portal started much sooner in a much different time and place? That is what we expanded upon with "Portal: Origins." 

The story is based upon a fan fiction written by Michael McMullan and Zakk Martin, following one of the main characters of "Dishonored," Piero Joplin. In the game, Piero is working on a project code-named the "Door to Nowhere," an easter egg pointing to "Portal." This easter egg was even confirmed by one of the developers of "Dishonored" as an homage to "Portal."

Trailer (Official)