It's Not About Me...Keeping the right Focus!

Recently I scored the film Bucket Lists and over the weekend it was featured in a virtual film showcase for horror here in Atlanta. The film won Best Ensemble Cast, Sponsors’ Choice Award, and Best Original Score. Yep, that’s super exciting! 

However, I’m not just here to toot my own horn for the whole post. This is a time of year that we give thanks. So, I’m here to give thanks to the amazing filmmakers, directors, department heads and all creatives who found a way to create a safe environment in order to continue making movies, video games and more! If it were not for these ambitious, caring, dedicated and amazing people, there would not be a film to win any awards.. 

I see film makers on social media all over the country and the world are now taking the proper steps to protect those who are on set making these awesome movies. Also, I noticed that marketing and advertising companies, who film, are doing the same. So, THANK YOU to everyone who has the passion and the drive to make #SetLifeSafe utilizing the new industry guidelines for working during this unprecedented pandemic! 

Before COVID was around, and filming was in Atlanta, I always made it out to the set for film, visited with the editors, hung out with the cast and so on. Every step of the film making process is so unique and amazing in its own way! I have so much respect for those who own their role in the movie making process. Now we’re are doing that virtually. Technology is not perfect, but I’m grateful for the technology we have today! 

Let’s keep it rock’in…safely!

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