How I found out I won "Best Original Score" for Bucket Lists!

A film that I had the honor of scoring was featured in a film showcase that focused on the horror/suspense genre. Unfortunately, I was not able to attend Saturday evening, even though it was virtual. The next morning, I picked up my phone and notice Facebook had gone crazy! I figured it was everyone posted Halloween pictures or their kids. Well, some of it was! LOL

After breakfast, I check my phone again and noticed someone said "Congrats" for something. My curiosity was up! Then I saw the posts! "Congrats to Luke Truan for winning Best Original Score for his work on Bucket Lists"! I was incredibly excited and was surprised! 

Yes, surprised! I approached the film like I always do, I poured everything I had and then some into the creativity and writing of the music. I never thought about the awards - I just focused on the music and did the best I could for the film. My goal when composing for a film, game, TV show or advertisement is to add to the story via music, enhance the visuals and create a memorable melody!

Winning the award is fun and exciting, but is not the goal. As I mentioned, the goal is to add to the story with music, enhance the visual story and create a melody that you will hum as you finish the movie. The music must reach the viewer/audience at an emotional level! 

Also, I wanted to take a moment to say "Thank you" to the amazing filmmakers who found a way to create a safe environment in order to continue making movies! If it were not for these ambitious, caring, dedicated and amazing people, there would not be a film to win any awards. 

So, THANK YOU to everyone who has the passion and the drive to make #SetLife Safe utilizing the new industry guidelines for working during this unprecedented pandemic!

Additionally, every step of the film making process is so unique and amazing in its own way! I have so much respect for those who own their role in the movie making process.


Special Thanks for C. Nathaniel Brown for believing in me! We make a great team!

Let’s keep it rock’in!


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