Stems, sTems, stEms and STEMS!

At some point, a piece of music must come to a point where, it’s “finished.” Right…LOL….! I’m never really finished with a piece of music. There is always some idea that comes to mind on how to make it better or push the boundaries. So, I humbly turn in the best current version of the music! Keep in mind that it has to be awesome! ;)

Also, after some time and new production techniques are learned, I like to go back and review the workflow and production of previous projects! It’s a lot of fun because I always find something that can be improved upon regarding my workflow, template management, production, and more.

In this one, I had the pleasure of working with @CelicaSoldream. She completely knocked the vocals “out of the park” on this one!


#musicstems #production #workflow #symphonicrock #orchestral #worktoimprove #continuingeducation

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