How is Music Created.....?

Creating unique music for film, TV, games or media is one of the most important aspects. As we all know, music helps us all connect with what we are watching. Even though the music that is created has a unique quality, there are certain steps taken in every project, in a specific order to create amazing music. Regardless of the type of music, emotion, timing or length, Luke Truan Music works with you through these steps to design, compose and produce unforgettable music for your project. 


The design, or concept, creation is an important first step. This is where we outline the areas in which music or sound design will be needed. Concept art, temp music and story boards that you have created or procured are also and important apart of the music design and concept. Getting the best outline of your vision and message sets up the success of the next steps. We put together the “big picture” view of your project. 


Once the music design is outlined with the “big picture” in mind, we begin to think about melodies, motifs, emotion, type of instrument, tone, style of music, instrumentation and more. Additionally, music is created to compliment the mood, message, sound effects, timing, pace and emotion of each scene and the overall project. Music composition and placement is an evolving process. Moving and shifting music and instrumentation around is part of the process and is collaborative. 


The final step in the process is more of a technical process. The composition has been developed and samples have already been sent to you along the way. However, there are still decisions about the production. One of the decisions is does the budget allow for real instruments to be recorded vs using virtual instruments. In an ideas scenario, a live recording session gives the most authentic sound and feel. Modern technology has advanced and virtual instruments sound amazing. Sometimes it is a blend of the two. 

At the end of production process is the mixing and mastering of the music. It is here that the overall sound is brought to life; clear and in high quality. Additionally, playback on multiple systems and devices is tested and ensure your listener has the best experience.

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