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Welcome to the official website of Luke Truan, an award-winning composer from Atlanta, known for cinematic driven scores, soundtracks, arrangements and music. Luke’s music, with its diverse inspiration, enfolds one’s senses with mystery, suspense, hope and joy. 

Composer of Curtis Wyatt's SWIPE CLUB which earned multiple awards in the Trinity International Film Festival, the Sydney Indie Film Festival, C. Nathaniel Brown's BLOODLINE and award winning CHI NU LEGACY, Mike McMullan's multi-award winning TIMELINEPORTAL ORIGINSPORTAL ORIGINS 2. Other recent project include Kenya Hendrick's FOR US, which is currently touring the film festival circuit. 

As multi-instrumentalist, he is always experimenting with new orchestral techniques, hybrid instrument and sound and instrument combinations. Which stretches the creative mind and in the process creates epic, full and unique compositions.



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