Reverence | Beyond the Beauty

Take a journey to a faraway world.

A world full of relentless foes, mystical creatures, magic, new technology and fierce warriors. 

Experience this new world through music, illustration and story.  A world in which lives Anja, a fierce warrior with a pure heart, who is uncertain about her destiny.

The first two tracks of this new album by Luke Truan, 'Reverence | Beyond the Beauty', are 'We Are Warriors' and 'Unbreakable Vow'.  'We are Warriors' is now available worldwide on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon...everywhere!

What People Are Saying

This sounds AMAZING!!! The mix is perfect. I love the strings!”

— Paul Nance | Musician

Reverence | The Artwork

Inspired by the story of Anja

The possibility of an unknown world is an amazing thought. 

I wanted to really tap into and develop a new world full of ideas and elements that I have been inspired by what I grew up with, but with a twist. 

The allure of the beautiful and vast landscape of an unknown world. Full of people, technology, creatures’ places and more that we have never seen before. A new world with an old world flare, but not when it comes to their technology; Holotech. Also, some harness an unknown power that gives them amazing abilities unlike anything we have seen before. Let the story unfolder and let’s explore together.

Contributors | Musicians and Artists

Luke Truan

Composer | Producer

As multi-instrumentalist, he is always experimenting with new orchestral techniques, hybrid instrument and sound and instrument combinations. Which stretches the creative mind and in the process creates epic, full and unique compositions.

"Music is just have to listen"

-Luke Truan

Ng Jieying


Kuala Lumpur based commercial illustrator. She creates different style artwork ranging from comic book style to realistic images for board games, music album and comics. Participated in "Altar Quest", Hour of Need", "Reverence - Beyond the Beauty" and " Street Masters, Aftershock". 

Celica Soldream


Freelance Singer for composers, producers and sample developers, such as Ivan Torrent, Neal Acree and Jo Blankenburg. She is the voice of "Celtia" and "Heroica" (Era II: Vocal Codex by Eduardo Tarilonte), combining both ethereal and epic styles.

"Let's epic the world with music"
- Celica Soldream

What People Are Saying

As soon as I heard the music, I wanted it on repeat ALL day! ”

— A Fan of the Music

A Special letter from LUKE...


Hey! Luke here! I'm so happy we are here together celebrating  the official release of the first track 'We Are Warriors' from the magical and mysterious album 'Reverence | Beyond the Beauty'!


The idea for this album came in May of this year after I started writing "We are Warriors" and all these images of a new world, new adventure, mystical creatures, advanced tech, dark and relentless foes and more started popping into my mind.  I kept working on the music, but pushed the larger idea to the back burner. 

It wasn't until a couple months later (July) that I was introduced to Celica Soldream as a possible vocalist for "We are Warriors" and WOW...she was a perfect fit for the music! Then I was introduced to Ng Jieying, an amazingly talented artist, in October. There was no more putting it off and that's when I really started to develop the music and amazing new fantasy world. 


The Story is just beginning...

Experience the Story (press play!)

What People Are Saying

Luke! Immediately I started getting images and visuals with this. Really strong soundscape and her vocals really light it up! This is amazing!”

— Wendy Rollins | ATL 105.7

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